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Fundraiser Desserts

Klassic Chocolate Chip Kookie Dough


Kranberry White Chocolate Kookie Dough


Oatmeal Raisin Kookie Dough


Sweet Surprise Kookies


Double Chocolate Chunk Brownies

  • Why Karli's Kookies?
    With a number of successful fundraisers run throughout the area with school sports teams, local businesses, and other organizations, Karli's Kookies is sure to attract customers and make the most out of your organization's fundraising efforts.
  • Where can fundraisers be held?
    Fundraisers can be held in the greater Fairfield County (CT) area. If you are unsure whether your area qualifies, please contact Karli using the form below.
  • What is the fundraising package?
    For fundraisers, Karli's Kookies offers freshly rolled Klassic Chocolate Chip, Cranberry White Chocolate Chip, and Oatmeal Raisin frozen dough balls, ready for baking or for your freezer for when you want fresh, warm Kookies, as well as pre-baked Brownies and Sweet Surprise Kookies (often themed) for an instant treat. The fundraising package is a bag of one-and-a-half dozen (18) rolled dough balls ready to bake, or a box of one dozen (12) pre-baked Brownies/Sweet Surprise Kookies. Dough balls come with baking instructions and can be kept frozen for up to six months or refrigerated for up to one week. Brownies and Sweet Surprise Kookies are delivered ready to enjoy or freeze for up to six months.
  • Is there any upfront cost? How much will my organization make?
    There is no upfront cost to a Karli's Kookies fundraiser. The organization makes $5 per unit (box/bag) sold. The success of the fundraiser is dependent upon the sales efforts of members of the participating organization.
  • How will participants keep track of their orders?
    The Fundraising Chairperson from your organization will be provided with a set of documents to help individuals keep track of their orders (PDF documents). These include an informational sheet similar to this page, as well as an "Order Form" and "Total Tally Form". The "Order Form" is to be used by participating individuals to keep track of the orders they receive individually. This form is not to be submitted to the Fundraising Chairperson, as it will be used for the delivery of each order they receive. The "Total Tally Form" is to be filled out by each individual at the end of his or her fundraising efforts, and returned to the Fundraising Chairperson, along with compensation of $15 per order to Karli's Kookies, with each order earning the organization $5.
  • How will orders be delivered?
    Deliveries of all orders received will be made to participating individuals during a predetermined time frame (usually 1 week) at an agreed upon time and location. This process may require a staggering of deliveries, based upon the quantity of orders received. Individuals are responsible for distributing their own dough using their "Order Form".
  • Will my organization have to sell every Kookie variety?
    No, each organization is able to consult with Karli about the desserts they want to sell.
  • Are Karli's Kookies safe for those with nut allergies?
    While no nuts are added to any Karli's Kookies products, some ingredients are manufactured on machinery that processes nuts.
Ready to begin a successful fundraiser, or just want more information? Please use the contact form below.

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