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Learn more about Karli's Kookies.


My story started with an error in a recipe, which turned out to be the secret ingredient to my success. Throughout the years, I used this recipe without failure, receiving compliment after compliment from family and friends, until the point at which I finally decided to share them. Through a stroke of good luck, I was able to share a kitchen with a business partner, and with this, my business took off. My first client was Stew Leonard's of Danbury, ordering upwards of 150 pounds of my Sweet Surprise cookies. This led to other business opportunities including the Redding Roadhouse, Blue Jay Orchards, and more. I do this as well as fulfill individual orders. I can cater to any event - birthdays, holidays, weddings - anything you can think of. In addition, I've run successful fundraisers with organizations and teams throughout the area. So if you need a fresh baked, warm dessert for any occasion of yours, always know that I'm ready to bake, always with the utmost quality and care!


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